Arts & Crafts

Please Be Aware that Arts & Crafts will be ending a Week Earlier this year on August 11th

Drop in between 9:30am and 12:30pm to enjoy this free program for Attleboro residents. Staff will instruct and work with kids on different projects throughout the summer. The program begins on Monday, June 26th and will run through Friday, August 18th. No pre-registration is required. This traveling program will be featured at the following parks and playgrounds:

Monday: Tilda B. Stone- Dodgeville (700 South Main Street); Staff will be located outside of the main building.

Tuesday: Briggs Playground (36 East Street)

Wednesday: S. A. Veterans Memorial Park-Lees Pond (787 Washington Street); Staff will be located under the pavilion.

Thursday: Poncin-Hewitt Recreation Complex (429 Oakhill Avenue); Staff will be located at the concession stand.

Friday: Briggs Playground (36 East Street)

Program staff will be wearing blue recreation staff shirts.

Please feel free to email Tim Killion, Program Coordinator, at with any questions.

Arts and Crafts Instructors 2021