What is the Water Department doing to fix this?

The Water Department is under contract with a consultant to perform testing of treatment processes for PFAS removal at the Wading River facility. The pilot testing is expected to take at least a year and determine the most effective treatment. Once the treatment technique is chosen, a plant rehabilitation will be designed and constructed. This is expected to take roughly three years.

In the meantime, Water Department is in the process of procuring temporary treatment equipment for the Wading River plant. Although this equipment is not a permanent solution, it will lower the PFAS levels at that plant until permanent equipment can be installed. We hope to have temporary treatment in place this fall. All of the public water systems in Massachusetts have the same requirements that Attleboro does, and many systems have also detected PFAS at levels greater than 20 ng/L. Since PFAS levels in drinking water are an issue for many water suppliers across the state, equipment is in very high demand. The Water Department is doing everything we can to have this equipment on site as soon as possible.