City Treasurer


The City Treasurer is an elected position that provides the following services:
  • Conducts sales of land of low value purchases land not sold for taxes for the city
  • Maintains all tax title accounts
  • Negotiates all borrowing for the City of Attleboro
  • Pays and accounts for all amounts due for salary and wages
  • Petitions land court to establish title on other tax title property
  • Receives and accounts for all payroll deduction amounts
  • Receives and identifies monies due to the city and insures safe-keeping of funds so received
  • Takes charge of and accounts for all monies belonging to the City of Attleboro

2021 City Bond Rating

US$13.71 mil GO mun purp loan of 2021 bnds ser 2021 due 05/01/2041
Long Term Rating AA/Stable New

Attleboro GO
Long Term Rating AA/Stable Affirmed 

Attleboro GO sch bnds (unltd tax) ser 2020 dtd 10/19/2020 due 10/15/2050
Long Term Rating AA/Stable Affirmed

Attleboro GO (AGM)
Unenhanced Rating AA(SPUR)/Stable Affirmed

Attleboro GO (MBIA) (National)
Unenhanced Rating AA(SPUR)/Stable Affirmed

Global Ratings: Ratings Direct Summary(PDF).


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FY 2020 Statutory Exemption Overview

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