Mayor's Office

About the Office

Attleboro was incorporated as a town in 1694 and later incorporated as a city in 1914 when it first elected the Honorable Harold E Sweet as its first mayor. As stated in our City Charter, the executive powers of the City of Attleboro are vested solely in the mayor and may be exercised by him either personally or through the several officers or boards of the city in their respective departments under his general supervision and control.

The mayor is responsible for the daily management of our City Government. This requires the active participation in all matters that concern our planning and development. The mayor provides the general oversight of all budgetary matters along with the development of the annual operating and capital budgets. The office is represented at many city events as well as partaking in State and Federal issues that pertain to Attleboro. The mayor strives for direct communication with citizens on all city matters and has scheduled constituent hours.

About Mayor Dumas

Kevin J. Dumas is a life-long resident of the City of Attleboro. He attended Attleboro Public Schools and is a proud graduate of Attleboro High School, Class of 1994. After graduating High School, he received a Bachelor's Degree from St. Michael's College. Upon graduating from St. Michael's in 1998, he held a variety of positions in the financial private sector. In 2003, Kevin Dumas became Attleboro's 17th Mayor and continues to proudly serve in this capacity, now in his 7th term.
Kevin Dumas
Mayor Dumas has always believed in an Attleboro all can be proud of. His vision for Attleboro is clear: To continue moving the city forward. In short, Mayor Dumas believes that Attleboro must continue to be an attractive, vibrant and affordable place to live, work and raise a family. The preeminent vision of his administration is keeping Attleboro affordable for families while fostering an environment that will allow businesses to excel. The redevelopment of the downtown and advancements in the Industrial Business Parks are evidence that Attleboro is a City on the move, and will continue to advance as a modern 21st century community.