Wastewater Department


The Department of Wastewater is responsible for the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment facility for the city. This includes but is not limited to the construction, repair, operation, maintenance, and management of public sewer mains, treatment facility, sludge landfill, and lift stations throughout the city.


The City of Attleboro Wastewater Treatment Facility is undergoing a rebuild project for its rapid sand filters. Due to the recent high rain events in December and January it has become necessary to divert flow through the online sand filters in order to continue reconstruction of an off line sand filter. We anticipate this diversion will be ongoing due to the increased flow coming into the plant. All flow being diverted through the sand filters has been through all primary and secondary treatment processes, and is being disinfected and de-chlorinated before discharging to the receiving waters (the 10 mile river).

In compliance with 314 CMR 16.00: Notification Requirements to Promote Public Awareness of Sewage Pollution, the City of Attleboro provides the following Alerts:

Notification of Partial Treatment - A discharge through an outfall from a treatment works where all or a portion of the flow is not conveyed through all treatment units, or where treatment units are bypassed due to a treatment unit failure. The notification is published whenever it becomes necessary for the wastewater treatment facility to divert flow around a treatment process, usually due to high flow situations or during preventative maintenance.

Notification of SSO - This notification is published when there is a sanitary sewer overflow caused by failure of a wastewater pump station or associated force main designed to convey peak flows of one million gallons per day or greater or sanitary sewer system surcharging under high flow conditions when peak flows cannot be conveyed to a POTW due to capacity constraints.

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Potential Sewer Blockages

If you suspect that you have a potential sewer blockage at your property please notify the Wastewater Department at 774-203-1820 first so we can dispatch a service crew to your address and determine if the blockage is in the sewer main in the street or in your service lateral that connects to your home. After 4:00 P.M. or Holidays and Weekends please call 508-761-5168. If the answering machine picks up, please leave your Name, Address of Blockage and Phone Number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do not attempt to remove any clean out caps in your basement or outside before a determination can be made of where the blockage is. Failure to do this could result in sewerage backing up on your property or into your home.

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