Policy for Fire Hydrant Use

  • Use of any hydrant in the City of Attleboro must have Water Department approval.
  • Back flow assemblies must be used on all hydrants. The following is a complete back flow assembly: Hydrant adapter, water meter ball valve reduce pressure zone back flow, ball valve, hose connection and hydrant wrench.
  • The contractor is responsible for the purchase or rental of all back flow assemblies.
  • The Water Department purchases the materials needed at Stiles Company, which can be reached at 800-426-6246 and EJ. Prescott with Red Hed Supply who can be reached at 800-356-8605.
  • Assemblies can be rented from the Water Department. Rental is charged at $300.00 per week, or $1000.00 per month. In addition, the Water Department requires a $1500.00 deposit on all rentals. The deposit will be returned when the assembly is returned in suitable condition.
  • If renting a backflow assembly, the assembly rental form must be completed.
  • Each back flow assembly must be inspected by the Water Department before the hydrant can be used. The procedure for using the hydrant will be explained at that time.
  • Street sweeping contractors must have their sweepers inspected by the Water Department before using a hydrant. The Water Department will determine what hydrants are to be used.
  • The Fee for the use of the hydrant is $200, the charge has to be paid before the hydrant is used. The water used will be billed at the current rate set by the city.
  • If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact the Water Department at 774-203-1850.

Hydrant Flow Test Policy

Hydrant flow testing for an engineering company, insurance company, contractor, or person requesting a flow test is required to:

  • Fill out a Hydrant Flow Test Application with the Water Department, located at 1296 West Street, Attleboro, MA 02703. 
  • Place an ad in the Attleboro Sun Chronicle. This ad has to run no more than 2 days before the flow test. If for any reason the ad does not run in the newspaper the flow test will be cancelled. All fees will be charged again for rescheduling the flow test.
  • Flow test will be charged $100.00 fee. If the flow test is performed outside of normal business hours, the company requesting the flow test is responsible for payment of overtime to Water Department personnel.