Water & Sewer Permits

The Water Department Office issues water and sewer permits and schedules all appointments for water service inspections. Appointments for sewer inspections can be scheduled through the Wastewater Department at 774-203-1820

Permit Rules & Regulations

  • Water and Sewer permits will only be granted with proof of existing road or sidewalk opening permit from the Department of Public Works and trench permit from the Building Department.
  • All Permits are good for 60 days
  • There is a 72-hour notice required for marking. Construction sites must be pre-marked. The Water Department will mark the water service from the water main to the curb shutoff and the Wastewater Department will mark the sewer lateral from the main to the property line.. We do not mark on private property
  • There is a 24-hour notice required for an inspection. The contractor is required to have a signed copy of the permit in his possession before starting work.
  • Demolition of any building requires a letter from the Water Department and Wastewater Department to the Building Inspector. This letter will state if water and sewer have been capped to the building or no water and sewer is supplied to the building.
  • The back flow device application has to be approved before device installation or removal; this is to avoid additional cost to the contractor if changes are required in the plumbing.