Council on Human Rights

Regular Meetings

All meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the Month from 6:30 - 8:00pm in the DoubleACS Board room at 42 Union St (all meetings are subject to change). There will be no meetings in the month of July and August as meetings are suspended for the summer.


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The Attleboro Council on Human Rights (ACHR) was established within the municipal government in 1994. ACHR, under the supervision and control of the Mayor, works to promote mutual respect and understanding among individuals and groups in the city by improving the the quality of public discourse and eliminating unlawful discrimination. ACHR consults with departments, boards and commissions of the city and other organizations within and without the city which have interest and responsibility for eliminating discrimination and protecting civil and human rights.


The goals of the council are to promote fair and equal treatment, address discrimination and continue to build a welcoming and diverse community.


The charge of the Attleboro Council on Human Rights is to:

  • Enlist the cooperation of public and private racial, religious, ethnic, civic, fraternal and benevolent agencies in eliminating unlawful discrimination by cultivating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and harmonious inter-group relations
  • Increase community awareness of possible human rights violation
  • Make recommendations to the Mayor, Municipal Council and School Committee regarding issues and actions that affect Human rights in our community
  • Offer a public forum for any person or group with a perceived human rights grievance and serve as a source of support, information And guidance
  • Promote understanding of diverse cultures through education
  • Promote good will and minimize/eliminate discrimination through public and community programs

Becoming Involved

We welcome all members of the community to become involved by attending an ACHR meeting or contacting us with your ideas, thoughts and concerns.

New Members Welcome

The Attleboro Council on Human Rights members are selected to provide a cultural, economic and professional diverse representation. Members serve a staggered 3 - year term. Members are appointed by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the Municipal Council. The ACHR is comprised of nine members.

To apply for membership, please submit a letter to the Mayor explaining your interest in serving on the Attleboro Council of Human Rights.

To Report An Incident

  1. Make contact: Please download, print and fill-out the ACHR Incident Form (PDF) and email form to or mail to Attleboro City Hall, Attn: Council on Human Rights, 77 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703
  2. Follow-up: A member of the Attleboro Council of Human Rights will contact you. You will be asked to provide details of the incident/review your incident form and discuss what you wish to happen as a result.
  3. Assessment and recommendation: The ACHR will assess the situation and provide a recommendation for action.
  4. Support: The ACHR will provide support as you follow the recommendation process.