Election Office


It is the responsibility of the Election Office to comply with all local, state and federal election laws and regulations. Our duties include:
  • Appointment and training of Election Day officials at the polls
  • Ballots
  • Certification of election results
  • Certifying candidate nomination papers, and initiative petitions
  • Conducting all local, county, state and federal elections in Attleboro
  • Conducting the annual city census
  • Maintaining and making available voter lists
  • Maintenance of voting machines, equipment and supplies
  • Printing the annual List of Persons Book
  • Providing candidates with campaign and campaign finance information
  • Providing various extracts from voter and census information
  • Registering voters
  • Researching past voter and census information as requested
  • Securing polling locations
  • Updating information in the state Voter Registration and Information System

State Election -  Audit of 3A

November 10th.  Located at LaSalette Shrine, Welcome Center, 947 Park Street

Hours  8:00am till finished.  


Observers are required to register by notifying the Elections Office by calling 508-223-2222 Ext. 3271 or emailing Elections@cityofattleboro.us.

Early Voting for the November 3, 2020

Attleboro Lodge of Elks - 887 South Main Street

October 17th to October 30th

Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM 

Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM to 3:00pm

Attleboro Elections Report by City Wide 11-3-2020

Attleboro Election Report by Precinct 11-3-2020

Sample Ballots for General Election – 11-3-2020

A ballot drop box is now available for voters to drop off their vote by mail ballots.  It is located by the entrance to City Hall on Pine Street.

New Voting Locations for Ward 3 & 5

Ward 3 - Willett Elementary School, 32 Watson Ave

Ward 5 - Peter Thacher Elementary School, 160 James St

Observers for State Primary and State Elections in 2020 are required to notify the Elections Office if attending pre-processing of ballots.

2020 Vote By Mail Application

All vote by mail and early voting in person ballots will be opened and inserted into a tabulator before election day or fed through the tabulators at the polls on election day.  These ballots will be kept secured, locked, and unexamined until the polls are closed on Election Day. 


In accordance with the Secretary of State Regulations 47.12 and under the provisions of section 7(k) of Chapter 115 of the Acts of 2020, the City of Attleboro will be opening and/or depositing early voted ballots at City Hall, 77 Park Street at the following sessions:   

  • Sunday, October 25th                  8:00 AM
  • Monday, October 26th                8:00 AM
  • Tuesday, October 27th                8:00 AM 
  • Wednesday, October 28th         8:00 AM 
  • Thursday, October 29th               8:00 AM
  • Friday, October 30th                      8:00 AM
  • Saturday, October 31st                8:00 AM
  • Sunday, November 1st                8:00 AM
  • Monday, November 2nd             8:00 AM 

Observers must register by emailing elections@cityofattleboro.us in advance of all processing of early voted ballots sessions.

In accordance with the Regulations 47.12 and the provisions of section 7(k) of Chapter 115 of the Acts of 2020, no results shall be determined or announced until after the time the polls close on November 3rd.  At that time the results from the advance processed ballots will be added to the election day results and posted in a public place.


 Under the Provisions of Section 6 (h) (3) of Chapter 115 of the Acts of 2020.  The City of Attleboro will be opening and/or depositing early voted ballots for the Post-Election Tabulation at the following sessions:

 Saturday – November 7th          9:00am

 Sunday – November 8th            9:00am

 Observers must register by emailing elections@cityofattleboro.us in advance of all post - election tabulation of early voted ballot sessions.

State Primary - September 1, 2020

Poll Workers Needed

Services Performed By The Election Office

Service Fee
Attleboro list of person book
Printed city voter list
$.05 Per Page
Voter list on disk or CD
Miscellaneous copies
$0.05 Per Page
Certification of Attleboro residence