Health Clinics

With a strong commitment toward offering low cost and free health services, the Council On Aging (COA) sponsors health clinics at the Senior Center, as well as at other locations within Attleboro.

Flu Clinic Information

Free flu vaccines are available at City Hall in the Health Department (2nd floor) starting in October of every year and while supplies last. Please register at the link to secure your spot! Registration link can be shared with family and friends in Attleboro. For questions, please contact Allison Brum, the Public Health Nurse, at phone (508) 223-2222 ext. 3244

Our flu vaccine is preferable for ages 6 months to 64 years of age. For those 65 years of age and older, we do not offer the High Dose flu vaccine which is preferable for your age group. High dose flu vaccines will be available at the Senior Center Flu Clinic in October.

Additional Information

For more information regarding any of our programs, services, or activities, please check our Newsletter (PDF) or call the Attleboro Council on Aging at 774-203-1906.
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