Local Ordinances

In addition to its authority under Chapter 40, Section 8d, of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Attleboro Historical Commission implements one local ordinance and is developing another to preserve buildings and places of historical importance in the city.

Demolition Delay Ordinance

Chapter 3. Building Department. Section 3-11. Razing and/or Demolition Permit - Notification Delay (Adopted October 7, 2003, Amended October 20, 2011)

Upon receipt of a Razing and/or Demolition Permit application for any principal structure, the Building Inspector shall send a copy of said application, within three (3) business days, to the Attleboro Historical Commission chairperson, or chairperson's designee.

The Building Inspector shall not issue the Razing and/or Demolition Permit until ninety (90) calendar days have elapsed since initial receipt of the application, unless the Historical Commission chairperson or chairperson designee notifies the Building Inspector that the building has no historical significance.

If the condition of the building has deteriorated or been damaged so that it poses an imminent threat to the health or safety of the public, the Building Inspector may, in accordance with 780 CMR 121.0, issue a demolition permit without following this procedure. The Building Inspector shall notify the Historical Commission of such hazardous structure order.

Scenic Road Ordinance

Under development.