Retirement Board

Regular Meetings

  • Last week of the month
  • Government Center


  • Deborah C. Gould, Chair & Ex-Officio Member
  • Scott D. Charette,  Vice-Chair & Elected Member
  • Bruce R. Tondreau, Elected Member
  • Barry K. Lacasse, Mayor's Appointee
  • Richard V. Boucher, 5th Member Appointed by the Board

About the Board & Retirement System

The Attleboro Contributory Retirement System is 1 of 106 public employee contributory retirement systems in Massachusetts. The Retirement System serves over 800 city employees (excluding teachers) and 397 retirees and survivors. The Retirement System is managed by a local Retirement Board consisting of 5 trustees.

The Attleboro Retirement Board is responsible for monitoring approximately $90 million in pension assets for the Attleboro Retirement System in compliance with MGLA Chapter 32. The Board's mission is to provide retirement benefits to plan participants and to safeguard the assets of the Retirement System. The Retirement Board is charged with the responsibility of prudently investing the pension assets to maximize investment returns with the goal of becoming a fully funded system. The plan is a defined benefit plan first established in 1937.

To understand our Retirement System as well as learn about your individual rights, several guides are available for you to view. Each guide has been developed and is maintained by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC), the agency that oversees the 106 contributory retirement systems of the Commonwealth.

Fund Managers

With the help of its investment consultant, Dahab Associates, the Attleboro Retirement Board has worked diligently to diversify the investment of the Retirement System assets. The Board has retained the services of the following money managers:

  • Copeland Asset Managment - Small Cap Stocks
  • Frontier - mid cap stocks
  • Invesco Core - private real estate (pooled fund)
  • Invesco Reits - publicly traded real estate (pooled fund)
  • PRIT  - Private Equity
  • Fidelity- fixed income - (pooled fund)
  • RhumbLine - S&P 500 (pooled fund)
  • State Street Global Advisors - international equity- (pooled fund)
  • Intercontinental - Real Estate
  • Hancock - Timber
  • BTG - Timber
  • Peregrine – Large Cap stocks
  • Amalgamated – Mid-cap pooled fund
  • Van Eck – Emerging Market pooled fund

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