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Roger Bowen (1932-1996)

Actor who portrayed Lt. Col. Henry Blake in 1970 film M*A*S*H and co-founded famed Chicago comedy troupe The Second City.

Geoff Cameron (1985- )

Professional soccer player for Houston Dynamo.

Ray Conniff (1916-2002)

Prolific easy listening musician known for sentimental renditions of standard songs.

Walter Cryan (1935- )

Longtime television news anchor for channels 12 and 6 in Providence.

Emmet Kane (1957- )

Special and visual effects technician and supervisor whose work can be seen in such films as Godzilla and Independence Day.

Philip Kraczkowksi (1916-1996)

Noted bronze figurine and medal sculptor who also designed the head of Hasbro's original G.I. Joe action figure.

William Manchester (1922-2004)

Biographer and historian whose most controversial book was The Death of a President.

Daniel Read (1757-1836)

Composer and publisher of more than 400 religious hymns.

Robert Rounseville (1914-1974)

Operatic tenor who appeared in original onstage productions of musicals Candide and Man of La Mancha and films including Carousel.

Howard Smith (1893-1968)

Actor who appeared in numerous films, including Death of a Salesman, and 1960s television shows Hazel and Green Acres.

Mark Williams (1956- )

Conservative radio talk show host and contributor to Fox News Channel.