All About The Civil War Monument



The Arts Inventories Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum describes the monument as:

A large granite shaft topped by a bronze figure of a Civil War flag bearer, and flanked by bronze figures of a sailor on the left and a soldier on the right.  The  front of the granite base is adorned with a relief carving of an eagle and crossed flags.

The monument stands approximately 35-feet in height, the granite base comprising 10-feet, 6-inches of that height.  The three statues are approximately 6-feet in height.

Current Conditions: 

The granite seems to be structurally in good condition although it is weathered and stained with dirt and organic matter. The joints are tight and intact although there are a few areas where the lead could be repacked.

The color of the overall surface of the bronze is blackened with areas throughout of a green verdigris natural patina. There is no evidence of any protective coating on the surface of the bronze. There is also no record found to indicate that the surface of the bronze was ever maintained since its dedication. Unprotected outdoor bronzes exposed to the environment will progressively corrode with time and continued exposure to acid rain, which is the primary pollutant. The corrosion will continue to accelerate. The metal is essentially eaten away and pitted, thus loss of surface detail is caused. this process is evident throughout the surface of this bronze. It is particularly eroded on many of the top or horizontal surfaces. There are also some areas of iron staining and corrosion that are evident. There is no documentation or archival information available at this time that indicates the formula or appearance of the original patina. It is reasonable to assume, although, that it may have been a rich brown-bronze with highlights which was typical of this time.

The statute of the sailor is missing his sword or rifle.


Frank Cook (Chairperson)
Linda Alger
Sonny Almedia
Mim Fawcett
Brian Simmons
Tony Viveiros
Evelyn Silva
Donald Smyth
Victor Bonneville
Nancy Young
Richard Terry
Ken Badertsher


History of Monument by Frank Cook (PDF)
Photos of North Attleboro restored and existing Attleboro Monument (PDF)