Attleboro Redevelopment Authority (ARA)

What is a Redevelopment Authority?

Redevelopment Authorities have broad powers to plan and implement activities needed to redevelop underutilized, deteriorated or blighted open areas, to encourage new development and to promote sound growth. Redevelopment Authorities are governed by M.G.L. Ch 121B and accordingly have the power to: 

  • Plan and implement activities needed to redevelop underutilized, deteriorated or blighted open areas
  • Encourage new development and to promote sound growth.
  • Establish rehabilitation and design standards
  • Assemble and dispose of land, including the taking of real estate through eminent domain
  • Relocate businesses and residents occupying property in urban renewal areas
  • Demolish and/or rehabilitate substandard structures
  • Participate in real estate development and commercial revitalization
  • Issue bonds, borrow money, invest funds, and receive grants; and accept gifts or requests

Source:  p.4

About the Attleboro Redevelopment Authority

The Attleboro Redevelopment Authority is a 5 member volunteer board comprised of long time Attleboro residents dedicated to serving the City of Attleboro.  Regular meetings are posted once a month and are open to the public. See Notice of Meeting posted outside the City Clerks office for meeting location.

The Attleboro Redevelopment Authority actions are guided by two (2) Urban Renewal Plans: 1. Downtown Urban Renewal Plan established in 2007.  A copy of the Downtown Urban Renewal Plan may be found here. 2. The Industrial/Business Park Urban Revitalization & Development Plan established in 2002.  A copy of the plan may be found here.

The ARA is audited annually by an independent auditor.  A copy of the latest Annual Financial Statement may be found here

September 11, 2018 Presentation to Municipal Council


  • Richard A. Correia, Sr., Chairman
  • Benton Keene III, Vice-Chairman
  • Jacqueline Romaniecki, Treasurer
  • Margaret Gloulet,  State  Appointee
  • Rose Larson

Next Meeting:  February 13, 2020 10:00 a.m. Council Meeting Room, City Hall 



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ARA Financial Statements