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  1. Bring competition for Comcast

    I just recently moved to Attleboro and, although I love the area, I do not like that there are no alternative Internet providers other than Comcast. I did read in the Sun that the absence of FiOS is...

    Apr 18, 2017 by New To Attleboro (5 points)

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  2. Parking enforcement seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Area around university almost impossible to find parking for home owners.

    Parking enforcements 24x7 , seven days a week .

    Dec 21, 2015 by Deleted User (0 points)

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  3. Bring more Cannabis related businesses to Attleboro to help build the economy!

    If Attleboro wants to get ahead of the Cannabis Industry curve, we have to get involved! As more towns and cities are adopting their acceptance, it would be in the best interest of the city to start...

    Dec 8, 2018 by Yvonne Mezoff (5 points)

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