What is overseen by the Stormwater Management Ordinance?
The Attleboro Stormwater Management Ordinance protects, maintains and enhances the public health, safety, environment, and general welfare by establishing minimum requirements and procedures to control the adverse effects of storm water runoff, as well as address illicit connections and discharges to the municipal storm drain system. Its goals include protecting the integrity and health of water resources, preventing pollutants from entering the City’s drainage system, establishing standards for runoff quantity and quality, as well as long-term operations and maintenance of storm water systems.

The ordinance also strongly encourages the use of “Low Impact Design” (LID) through the reduction of impervious cover and preservation of open space and natural areas, to the maximum extent practicable. Projects and/or activities within the jurisdiction of the Storm water Management Ordinance must obtain a Storm water Management Permit (SMP) from the Conservation Commission prior to the commencement of work on site.

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