What are the rules and regulations for the monthly parking pass?
The Parking Hang Tag must be displayed from the rear view mirror with the permit location and valid dates clearly visible for parking enforcement purposes. Remember, if you can’t see the dates on the hang tag from outside your vehicle, then neither can we. Use of the parking hang tag will only be valid during the time period designated by the printed dates on the hang tag. Failure to properly display the parking hang tag may result in the receipt of a parking citation.

Parking hang tags purchased in advance, but for the following time period, may not be displayed until the date for which the permit is valid. Please do not display multiple permit hang tags at any time. Parking Hang Tags are not transferable between customers.

The City of Attleboro is not responsible for damage to or theft of your vehicle or the contents of the vehicle. The City of Attleboro will not be responsible for any personal injury occurring at city operated parking locations.

Parking Hang Tags for the Bank Street Parking Lot, the Sanford Street Parking Garage and the Sanford Street/YMCA Parking Lot can be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office.

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