Why did I get a ticket when there wasn’t even a “no parking” sign?
The City of Attleboro has numerous traffic and parking rules and regulations that are described in Chapter 10 of the City’s Ordinances. A great many of these ordinances are considered to be common sense or courtesy. They are things that most drivers learn early in their driving careers. Sometimes, in our hectic lives we forget some of these things. These are things that are ticket-able offenses, even if there is no reminder present, such as a sign.

The following is a list of the most common infractions issued throughout the City:
- 12 inches+ away from curb
- Blocking an alley
- Blocking driveway
- Obstructing traffic
- Parked in a crosswalk
- Parked in an intersection
- Parking in a handicap space without a permit
- Parking on a sidewalk
- Too close to a stop sign

For more information, read Chapter 10 of the City's Ordinances.

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12. Why did I get a ticket when there wasn’t even a “no parking” sign?
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