City Clerk - Stephen K. Withers

Records Access Officer - Stephen K. Withers

Assistant City Clerk - Sharon Rivard

About The City Clerk's Office


The City Clerk is an elected position.


The City Clerk's office serves as the focal point of City Government. General Information, direction and assistance are provided to all citizens or others having business in the City. The Office of the City Clerk is the municipal archival for the filing, maintenance, disposition and preservation of City records and materials.



  • Issues, licenses and permits, including marriage licenses, dog licenses, permits for raffles and bazaars, fuel storage permits, Class 1, 2 & 3 auto licenses

  • LATE FEE: June 1st - $25.00 PER DOG OR $50.00 TO $150.00 for Kennel.
  • Records & provides certified copies of birth, death and marriage records.
  • Records & certifies Planning & Zoning Board decisions.
  • Records Business Certificates.
  • Administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed officials.
  • Post meetings of all governmental bodies.
  • Provides access to public records.
  • Sale of Parking Passes for Municipal Lots.
  • Collect fines for non-commercial violations of certain ordinances.
  • Responds to inquiries from general public.




Contact Information:


Office of the City Clerk, City Hall

Government  Center

77 Park Street

Attleboro, Ma. 02703


Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Phone (508)223-2222 Ext. 3111





City Hall

77 Park Street

Attleboro, MA 02703


Hours: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Monday - Friday


Phone: (508)223-2222

Fax:     (508)222-3046