Department Head

Dennis Walsh

Acting Park & Forestry Superintendent

Tree Warden

Superintendent of Insect & Pest Control

Superintendent of Animal Control

Phone: (774)203-1866


Theresa V. Conti

Administrative Clerk of Park & Forestry

Permit Clerk

Events Coordinator Holiday Parade
Phone: (774)203-1865


Contact Information:


Park & Forestry Department

199 County Street

Attleboro, Ma. 02703


Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00AM to 3:00PM

Fax: (508)226-4875


About Park & Forestry

There is hereby established within the Municipal Government a Department of Parks and Forestry to be headed by a Superintendent of Parks and Forestry. The mayor shall appoint the Superintendent of Parks and Forestry, subject to confirmation by the Municipal Council for a term of three years from candidates recommended by the Board of Park Commissioners. The Superintendent of Parks and Forestry shall be a person especially fitted by education, training and experience to perform the duties of the office and shall receive such salary as the mayor and Municipal Council shall from time to time determine.

The Superintendent of Parks and Forestry, under the general supervision and control of the Mayor, shall administer the public parks (Capron Park, Balfour Riverwalk, Memorial Common Downtown, Angell Park, Blackinton Park, and various Memorials Citywide) and public zoo of the City of Attleboro and shall have the care and control of all public shade trees, shrubs and plantings in the City except those within a state highway. The Department also keeps public roadsides clear of brush and overgrowth as well as maintaining the tree farm.

The Superintendent of Parks and Forestry shall have all the powers and duties now or from time to time vested by General law or Special Act in Tree Wardens and Superintendents of Insect Pest Control.
The Board of Park Commissioners, under the general supervision and control of the Mayor, shall provide policy direction for the public parks and public zoo in the City of Attleboro. The Board of Park Commissioners may establish Rules and Regulations for the use of such public parks and zoo. The Board of park Commissioners shall have all the powers and duties now or from time to time vested by General Law or Special act in Boards of Park Commissioners.


Rules and Regulations

Public Parks are open dawn to dusk.


Please see our view the tab for "Park Ordinances" for specific rules and regulations. These cover both The Park & Recreation Departments in the City of Attleboro.

Permitted Areas of Capron Park

Capron Park offers both residents and non residents the opportunity to enjoy the park for Wedding or any other function in the various areas of the Park.

The areas that are available are:


  1. Hagopian Walk and Rose Garden
  2. Newell Shelter
  3. Various grassy areas through out the Park

Permits are required and are available on this page.
Permits need to be requested 60 days prior to the event.


Prior to filling out application, please call 774-203-1865 to verify if that the date requested is available.

Permit Process

  1. Permit application is on this page in Ground Permits tab

  2. Please make sure the following information is filled out.
    • Name, address and phone number of applicant.
    • Name of the sponsoring organization of individual.
    • Event date
    • Description of the planned event.
    • Copy of “Certificate of Non-Profit Status” (Form 501C3) if applicable


  3. Submission of the application with the payment to Park Department.
  4. The Park Commission will grant the decisions on all permits applied. If the permit is denied the Park Commission shall provide a clear and sufficient exposition of the reason upon which the denial was based. Park Commission meets the third Wednesday of each month.
  5. Once the permit is approved by the Park Commission , Superintendent of Parks and Forestry and Police Department, the approved permit will be mailed to you.

Please Call our department after reviewing the web site information ,if you have any further questions.




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