Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about parking issues in the City of Attleboro. This list of FAQ is not a substitute for the parking rules and regulations. If your question is not answered here, please contact the City of Attleboro Parking Clerk by telephone at 508-223-2222 (x 3160) or via e-mail at dpw@cityofattleboro.us.

1. I received a parking ticket. What are my options?

Once a parking ticket has been issued, there are two options available:

     1. Pay it.; or
     2. Appeal it.

The issue of an appeal is whether or not the cited rule was violated. Therefore, an appeal is warranted if you believe that the ticket was issued in error and/or that you did not commit the violation described in the ticket. You may also appeal the ticket if you believe it was issued correctly and you committed the violation described, but you believe that there were mitigating circumstances involved. (Parking Appeal Form) Please keep in mind, however, that it is no defense to “not mean” to violate a rule, to “see others” violate it, to “not realize” it was violated, or to have “violated it in the past without penalty.”

To appeal a ticket, you will need to complete the City’s Parking Appeal Form, and mail it in to The City of Attleboro Parking Clerk, 77 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703. If you have any questions, you can also contact the City of Attleboro Parking Clerk by telephone at 508-223-2222 (x 3160) or via e-mail at dpw@cityofattleboro.us.

2. I appealed a violation in writing and was denied. How do I request a hearing date?

You may contact the Parking Clerk’s Office at (508) 223-2222 (x 3160) or via e-mail at dpw@cityofattleboro.us within 10 days of the date of the denial letter. You must bring any new additional evidence not provided with the written appeal to the scheduled hearing date.

3. I am marked at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for non-renewal of my driver's license and/or registration because of outstanding parking tickets in the City of Attleboro. What do I need to do to clear the marks?

When you are “marked” at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for non-renewal you must pay all outstanding parking tickets with the City of Attleboro in order to receive a Registry Release Form. Payments can be made in person by cash, money order or credit card; by mail - money order only, or through the internet at (http://www.parkingticketpayment.com/attleboro/). If payment is made by check, you will not receive a Registry Release Form until the check is cleared which could take up to 3 weeks. No Registry Release Forms will be given unless all outstanding tickets are paid in full.

4. I have already paid my ticket. Why am I being charged for it again?

If you believe you have paid a ticket that you are being billed for, you must contact the Parking Clerk’s Office. The Parking Clerk’s Office will request that you submit proof of payment, a receipt or if payment was made by check, a copy of the front and back of the cancelled check. Credit will be given to the account once the research is done and the proof of payment is verified.

5. Where can I find the City of Attleboro Parking Ordinances?

The City of Attleboro Parking Ordinances can be found by viewing Chapter 10 of the Revised Ordinances of The City of Attleboro.

6. Where can I park in Downtown Attleboro?

City-owned Parking Lots and the City’s Parking Garage are designated by on the City’s Downtown Parking Map.

In addition, if you are visiting one of our many downtown merchants, the City provides many free, but time-limited, on-street parking spaces.

7. Can I purchase a monthly pass to park in any of the City-owned Parking Lots?


Monthly Parking Hang Tags are available for the following City-owned Parking Lots:

     ● Bank Street Parking Lot

     ● Municipal Parking Garage

     ● Sanford Street (YMCA) Parking Lot

These Parking Lots are highlighted in blue on the City’s Monthly Pass Downtown Parking Map.
The parking fee for these Parking Lots is Thirty Dollars ($30.00) per month. However, the following discounts apply to monthly passes:

     ● All passes shall receive a 10% discount if paid quarterly in advance;
     ● 10-19 Monthly Passes shall receive a 15% discount if paid in advance;
     ● 20-29 Monthly Passes shall receive a 25% discount if paid in advance; and
     ● 30 more Monthly Passes shall receive a 33 1/3% discount if paid in advance.

Parking Hang Tags for these Parking Lots can be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 77 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703, between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM – Monday through Friday.

8. What are the Rules and Regulations for the Monthly Parking Pass?

Parking Hang Tags for the Bank Street Parking Lot, the Sanford Street Parking Garage and the Sanford Street/YMCA Parking Lot can be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall, 77 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703, between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM – Monday through Friday.

The Parking Hang Tag must be displayed from the rearview mirror with the permit location and valid dates clearly visible for parking enforcement purposes. Remember, if you can’t see the dates on the Hang Tag from outside your vehicle, then neither can we. Use of the Parking Hang Tag will only be valid during the time period designated by the printed dates on the hang tag. Failure to properly display the Parking Hang Tag may result in the receipt of a parking citation.

Parking Hang Tags purchased in advance, but for the following time period, may not be displayed until the date for which the permit is valid. Please do not display multiple permit hang tags at any time.

Parking Hang Tags are not transferable between customers.

The City of Attleboro is not responsible for damage to or theft of your vehicle or the contents of the vehicle. The City of Attleboro will not be responsible for any personal injury occurring at City operated parking locations.

9. If I have a handicap placard, can I park anywhere?

A handicap placard allows you to park in a handicap designated space. You may also park in any other public parking space, although other City of Attleboro parking ordinances may apply.

10. Where do I obtain an application for a handicap placard?

You may apply for a handicap placard at any Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Please contact the RMV directly at 1-800-858-3926 for more information.

11. Where do I find the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 90, Section 20A?
Massachusetts General Laws can be found at http://www.mass.gov.

12. Why did I get a ticket when there wasn’t even a “no parking” sign?

The City of Attleboro has numerous traffic and parking rules and regulations (ordinances) that are described in Chapter 10 of the City’s Ordinances. A great many of these Ordinances are considered to be common sense or courtesy. They are things that most drivers learn early in their driving careers. Sometimes, in our hectic lives we forget some of these things. These are things that are ticketable offenses, even if there is no reminder present, such as a sign.
The following is a list of the most common infractions issued throughout the City:
     ● Too close to a stop sign
     ● Parked in an intersection.
     ● Parked in a crosswalk
     ● 12"+ away from curb
     ● Blocking driveway
     ● Obstructing traffic
     ● Parking on a sidewalk
     ● Blocking an alley
     ● Parking in a handicap space without a permit

13. I was only there for a few minutes over the allowable time limit. Why did I get a ticket?

This is the most common question. The object of the time-limited parking is to help provide the customers of our many downtown merchants with access to the most convenient parking possible. Time-limited parking in the downtown protects the interests of the business and retail community by ensuring that parking is regularly available and turned over. Keeping these free parking spaces available is, therefore, very important to the success of our downtown.

The term “harboring” is when a car occupies an on street parking space for longer than the legal allowance. Harboring poses a problem in business districts by preventing turnover of parking spaces, which would allow new users access to the district. When these free parking spots are taken by all-day commuters, etc., our downtown merchants risk losing potential customers. Parking enforcement is used to discourage harboring.

Other parking practices that are harmful to the downtown businesses include “car shuffling” and “double parking”.

The practice of “car shuffling” by merchants and/or employees who work in the downtown is also harmful to the success of the downtown. Car shuffling is the constant moving of a vehicle to another time limited parking space before the current parking space time limit is up; moving the vehicle back to the same space after driving around the block; or a vehicle has been parked for longer than the total time limit allows. However, every space occupied by a car belonging to a merchant or one of their employees means one less space for the shopping and buying public.

Most parking spaces are clearly marked out with lines. The practice of “double parking” refers to cars which take up multiple parking spaces. When a vehicle takes up two spaces, it disrupts the order of a parking lot or street, and takes away an opportunity for another shopper to park. Since other cars will follow suit to be more space efficient, the problem can have a domino effect on the street or across a parking lot.

14. Even if I am otherwise parked legally, can I still receive a parking ticket for having an expired registration plate sticker and/or an expired inspection sticker?

Yes. Pursuant to City Ordinance 10-5.1, “Parking of an unregistered motor vehicle or a motor vehicle without a valid inspection sticker on the public streets, or within any municipally owned parking area, will be in violation of the City of Attleboro and subject to a parking fine.”

15. My car was parked on the sidewalk, will I receive a parking ticket?

Yes. Pursuant to City Ordinance 10-5.1, vehicles may not park on sidewalks. The sidewalk allows pedestrians to safely traverse the area without having to walk in traffic. When vehicles park on the sidewalk, it limits the movement of children, adults, and persons with disabilities forcing them to enter the street.

16. Is there enough parking in the downtown area?

Yes. Between free, time-limited on-street parking, garage parking and paid off-street parking there are over 926 public parking spaces in the downtown.

That number does not even include any of the many parking spaces made available to customers of privately owned businesses.

17. Where should downtown employees park?

If parking is not provided by a business, an employee should obtain a monthly pass for parking in the following City-owned Parking Lots. These Parking Lots are highlighted in blue on the City’s Monthly Pass Downtown Parking Map.

Parking Hang Tags for these Parking Lots can be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall (link), 77 Park Street, Attleboro, MA 02703, between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM – Monday through Friday.

18. I need to appear at the Attleboro District Court. Where should I park?

Whether you are a plaintiff, defendant, witness, juror or attorney, it is somewhat difficult to predict how long your visit to the Attleboro District Court will take. The safest way to avoid a $15.00 overtime ticket is to utilize one of the City’s .40/per hour pay lots located at the North Main Street Parking Lot and Sanford Street Parking Lot. Both of these lots are only a short walk to the Court House.



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