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In Massachusetts there are 520 MILLION pounds of textiles that end up in the waste stream each year of which 95% can be recycled. The average elephant weighs about 6,000 pounds or 3 tons, which equates to 86,667 elephants that make the textile weight in the waste stream. Please help and recycle all your textiles at our Recycling Center.

A plastic bag from the grocery store takes between 500 and 1,000 years to decompose. Most grocers and large retailers now accept plastic bags, wrap and film for recycling. Look for a bin near the front of the store. Just by remembering to bring your own Eco-Friendly bag when you go shopping, you’ll be helping our environment in a very big way. 


Due to the anticipated snowstorm scheduled for Monday, February 13, 2017, the rubbish and recycling collection will be postponed by one day. Friday’s collection will be held on Saturday.

Recycling takes little effort on your part, for a big difference to our world.



If you have any suggestions on improving our site, or recycling please call Cheryl at the Health Department (508)223-2222 Ext. 3245


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