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Most Common Questions Asked

Q. What should I do with my couch, mattress & box spring, toilet and fiberglass sink?

A. Couch, mattress, box spring, toilet and fiberglass sinks can go out with regular trash. Wood and carpeting need to be tied up and bundled no longer than 4 feet long and 50lbs. You are allowed to put out one bulk item each week. Cast iron would go with metal pickup. For metal pick up, call 508-222-3899 to schedule an appointment.

Q. The trash company did not pick up my cardboard boxes, why not?

A. In order for cardboard to be taken for recycling it has to be flattened, no larger than 2' x 2' and placed in your recycling toter. It can also be brought to our cardboard drop off at the Solid Waste Recycling Center at 29 Pond Street North next to the Compost Center. It is open Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30pm - 3:30pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.

Q. Where is Attleboro's landfill?

A. Attleboro's landfill closed 25 years ago. All of our trash is hauled out of town to a Mass-DEP approved site.

Q. My green recycling toter is missing a wheel or is damaged, what should I do?

A. Please call the Attleboro Health Dept. at 508-223-2222 Ext. 3245 to schedule a repair.

Q. What items can be placed in my green recycling tote?

A. Metal food cans, plastic and glass bottles marked 1 – 7, paper products, newspapers, cardboard (2 x 2) may all be placed together in the toter. No separation is needed. No plastic bags please.

Q. Besides newspapers what other paper can be recycled?

A. Clean pizza boxes, rice boxes, spaghetti boxes, cracker boxes, taco boxes, milk and juice cartons, cereal boxes (flatten), magazines, books, junk mail, and cardboard (flatten, no larger than 2’ x 2’) and place in your green toter.

Q. I have an old tire, how can I dispose of it?

A. We have a drop off for tires at the Solid Waste Recycling Center at 29 Pond Street North, next to the Compost Center and the Dog Pound. The hours are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. There is a limit of four tires per unit per year. After four there is a $1.50 fee per tire.

Q. I have collected old paint cans over the years, how can I dispose of them?

A. Paint products, tires (limit 4 per year), scrap metal, car batteries, propane tanks, (rechargeable, lithium and button cell batteries), fluorescent bulbs may all be dropped off at the Solid Waste Recycling Center at 29 Pond Street North on the first Saturday of the month, April through October The hours are 9am to 1pm.

Q. How can I dispose of my leaves?

A. We have a Compost Center located at 29 Pond Street North. This is open to residents from April to November. A sticker will be given with a license and registration. We also have curbside collection for yard waste 2 times a year. Please call the Health Department for hours and dates.

Q. Do you have a special day to dispose of poisonous chemicals?

A. We have one Household Hazardous Waste Day a year. It is generally held the second Saturday in June of each year. Please contact the Attleboro Health Department at 508-223-2222 Ext. 3245 for the next scheduled date. It will be held at the Recycling Center, 29 Pond Street North from 9am to 1pm. This is for pesticides, herbicides, pool chemicals and other hazardous chemicals.

Q. My trash was not picked up today; it was in a 45 gallon trash barrel?

A. Each unit for curbside collection is allowed to use one barrel or bag no larger than 36 gallons. Weight limit is 50lbs.

Q. For metal pick up, can I put out more than one item?

A. Appliances, Televisions/Computers, Scrap Metal & all Electronics are picked up weekly with an appointment. Please call 508-222-3899. All televisions require a sticker from the Health Department. There is a limit of two televisions per fiscal year. After two there is a $10.00 fee per television. Stickers are available in City Hall, Health Dept. 77 Park Street, 2nd floor. Call 508-223-2222 Ext. 3245 for more information.

Q. Do I have to buy the white and blue “City of Attleboro” trash bags for all of my trash?

A. You can fill up one barrel or bag no larger than 36 gallons with regular trash bags. Any additional trash after that first barrel/bag would have to be put in the city bags.

Q. Where can I purchase the city trash bags?

A. Stop and Shop in Attleboro and So. Attleboro, Shaws in No. Attleboro, A & J Seabra, CVS in Attleboro and So. Attleboro, Walgreens, Rite Aid & Bennys.

Q. When there is a holiday is trash delayed a day?

A. Depending on the holiday, rubbish collection will be delayed a day. You can check the holiday schedule on our website, and in The Sun Chronicle.

Q. Where can I get more information on the Attleboro Trash Program?

A. You can call the Attleboro Health Department at 508-223-2222 Ext. 3245.



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