Animal Control & Shelter

The Animal Control Department has the following duties:
  • Apprehend dogs who are at large or a public nuisance and keep them until the owner is found or until the dogs are otherwise disposed of under the provisions here in.
  • Enforce the provisions of City Ordinance and the applicable provisions of Chapter 140 of the General Laws governing the regulation of dogs.
  • Investigate complaints regarding dogs and damage to livestock allegedly caused by dogs.
  • Maintain and supervise the operation of the City Animal Shelter, including the keeping of records required.
  • Respond to calls on stray dogs, dog bites, sick wildlife, barking complaints, animal cruelty, assist the Police and Fire Departments and other departments as needed.
The City of Attleboro does not have ordinance pertaining to cats, we do not pick up stray cats or trap stray cats.