Recycling Center

The Recycling Center is located at 29 Pond Street North. The hours for drop off are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and Fridays & Saturdays from 9am to 1pm. The use of the Recycling Center is for residential units 1 – 8 in the trash program. If you are not in the program a sticker may be purchased in the Health Department for $30.00 per year. 

Items for drop off:

Tires - $5.00 each Cash or Check 

Fire Extinguishers - $5.00 each Cash or Check 

Mattresses or Box springs - $25.00 each (dry and bed bug free) Cash or Check 

Metal & Electronics - No charge if in trash program 

Televisions - 1st one free each fiscal year if in trash program (sticker required) 

Televisions - $35.00 if not in trash program (sticker required) 

Propane tanks - No charge if in trash program 

Cardboard - No charge 

Batteries - No charge if in trash program (Alkaline go in regular trash) 

Fluorescent bulbs - No charge if in trash program 

Clothing bin & Book bin - No charge if in trash program 

Paint - Closed for winter 

Oil, filters & Antifreeze - Closed for winter 

Items to purchase:

Compost bins - $26.56 Cash or Check 

Rain barrels - $85.00 Cash or Check 

For questions or more information call 508-223-2222 Ext. 3245 or Ext. 3253.