City Auditor


The role of the City Auditor's Office is to accurately account for the financial activity for the City of Attleboro in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, Massachusetts General Laws and the Revised Ordinances of the City of Attleboro.

The City Auditor is elected by the Municipal Council for a term of 2 years in accordance with the Attleboro Home Rule Charter. Daily the City Auditor works with the staff of the Accounting Department to ensure that the expenditures and revenues of the City of Attleboro are properly tracked. The Accounting/Auditing department is responsible for processing all payments for goods and services rendered to the City of Attleboro.

Annually the department produces the annual Financial Statements of the City of Attleboro. In addition a number of specialized reports required by the Commonwealth are completed by the department including the Balance Sheet package for the Certification of Free Cash, the annual Schedule A which summarizes all of the revenue and expenditure activity of the City and the Tax Recapitulation for the setting of the tax rate.

While the Office of Auditor works closely with the Mayor's Office to provide support to the Administration in matters of municipal finance, the office is independent of the administration and serves in part as a check and balance on behalf of the Honorable Municipal Council.

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