Reserving Park Facilities

Permitted Areas of Capron Park

Capron Park offers both residents and non-residents the opportunity to enjoy the park for weddings or any other functions in the various areas of the park. The areas that are available include:

  • Hagopian walk and rose garden
  • Newell shelter
  • Various grassy areas throughout the Park

Permits are required and need to be requested 60 days prior to the event. Prior to filling out an application, please call 774-203-1865 to verify if the date you requested is available.

Please fill out a Park Grounds Permit is you are interested in reserving any areas in Capron Park or the following facilities:

  • Colonel Blackinton Park
  • Cyril M. Angell Park
  • Highland Park (Excluding Cross Country Course)
  • Judith H. Robbins Riverfront Park
  • Lloyd G. Balfour Riverwalk Park
  • Veteran’s Memorial Common

Mark Coogan Cross Country Course at Highland Park

New Highland Map

If you are interested in utilizing the Mark Coogan Cross Country Course for practice, a cross country meet, a fundraiser, or any other activity that involves the course, please fill out the specific Mark Coogan XC Course Permit*   

  • Additional detail rates and fees may apply if park personnel or ATV's will be needed for your event.  Please reference the permit for more information.

           * Please note Attleboro High School and Bishop Feehan High School will take priority                  on all permit requests.

Prior to filling out application, please call 774-203-1865 to verify if that the date requested is available.

Permit Process

  • You must fill out a Park Grounds Permit for use of Attleboro Parks. If you are interested in using the Mark Coogan Cross Country Course, please fill out the Mark Coogan XC Course Permit   
  •   Please make sure the following information is filled out.
    • Name, address and phone number of applicant
    • Name of the sponsoring organization of individual
    • Event date
    • Description of the planned event
    • Copy of "Certificate of Non-Profit Status" (Form 501C3) if applicable
  • Submission of the application with the payment to department.
  • The Park Commission will grant the decisions on all permits applied. If the permit is denied the Park Commission shall provide a clear and sufficient exposition of the reason upon which the denial was based. Park Commission meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  • Events permitted in City parks may require a “Park Employee Detail” during the time of the event.
    •  The requirement of a “Park Employee Detail” will be determined by the Park Commission or Park Superintendent and conveyed to the applicant before permit approval.
    • The Park Commission or Park Superintendent will the determine the amount of park personnel needed as well as the time frame they will be required for.
    • Park Employee Details will be a minimum of 4 hours per employee at a rate of $50.00 per hour.
    • All Park Employee Detail costs are due a minimum of 30 days in advance. An invoice will be issued to the permit applicant once it is determined that a Park Employee Detail is needed.
    • Fees must be made in cash, money order, or certified bank check.
  • Once the permit is approved by the Park Commission, Superintendent of Parks and Forestry and Police Department, the approved permit will be mailed to you.