Flu Clinic Information


1/4/2021 Attleboro Health Department flu clinics are ongoing and will continue to be scheduled by appointment only this flu season due to COVID 19.

Please call Judy Mendes at 508-223-2222 ext. 3244 or email healthnurse2@cityofattleboro.us to schedule your appointment.

Paperwork can picked up in the Health Department if you do not have a printer or we can email the appropriate vaccine administration form to you.  

Paperwork must be completed prior to the appointment (front and back).

Please call Judy Mendes a 508223-2222 ext. 3244 or email healthnurse2@cityofattleboro.us with any questions.

Thank you.

Flu vaccine information may also be found at Vaccine Finder:https://vaccinefinder.org/ for additional sites offering flu vaccination.