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  Updated  7-31-20

On June 6th Governor Baker updated the four phased approach to reopening Massachusetts with Covid-19 Order #35. Phase III, Step I began on Monday July 6th. Please note that the information below refers only to pools, fields and facilities under the direction of the Recreation Department, not school facilities.

(1)  POOLS: 
Phase III, Step I allows for the opening of public pools but with very strict guidance on Contact Tracing, Social Distancing; Hygiene Protocols; Cleaning and Disinfecting and Staffing Operations.  

POOLS   ARE  SAFE !!!   According to the CDC, there is currently no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to people through the water in pools. Proper operation and maintenance (including disinfection with chlorine and bromine) of these facilities should inactivate the virus in the water. 

Pool Schedule:  Open Wednesday July 8th.  Open Daily 11:00am - 6:00pm.  Briggs Pool and Spatcher Pool will open this summer.  Twin Village Pool will not open.

Briggs Pool:  Attleboro  Residents Only.
Spatcher Pool:  Attleboro & Massachusetts Residents Only.

The residency restrictions have been put into place due to the fact that per state guidelines pools will be restricted to 40% of capacity. As stated in the Governors guidance, in order to manage capacity, allow for social distancing and to ensure all residents have access to the pools, we may have to limit the time individuals and families are allowed to use the pools, It would be unfair to have some patrons at the pool the entire day while others are turned away due to capacity limits.

Please Note The Following As A Partial List Of Requirements Per State Guidelines:
* For contact tracing purposes all visitors must give name, address and phone number prior to entering the facility
* All visitors must sign out when leaving the pool facility
* All visitors must answer health check questions 
* Locker rooms / changing facilities will not be available so come ready to swim
* 40% capacity. Visitors may be asked to rotate out of the pool area so others can come in 
* Face coverings must be worn except when in the pool
* Social distancing protocols (6') must be adhered to both in and out of the pool
* Visitors are not allowed to bring personal items other than a water bottle, towel and baby strollers/carriages. Among items not allowed are food, chairs, balls, floaties etc. The lone exceptions are Coast Guard approved PFD's and ADA equipment. Please note these guidelines are put in place by the state. If we want to open the pools we must adhere to these guidelines.

(2) USE  OF  RECREATIONAL  FACILITIES: The new Phase III, Step I guidelines allow for the
opening of both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities. Here is a brief summary of Phase III, Step I guidelines:

* Indoor and Outdoor athletic facilities shall be open and available for organized youth and adult sports activities. 
* The State has designated sports and/or activities as Low, Moderate or High Risk. Here are the specifics:

Low Risk: Batting cages, tennis, pickle ball, swimming, catch, disc golf, golf, individual biking, surfing, horseback riding, individual sailing, fishing, hunting, motor sports, yoga and non-contact exercise classes and gymnastics.  Under Phase III, Step 1 these sports / activities will be allowed to have tournaments.

Moderate Risk: Baseball, softball, soccer (added 7/24/20), crew/sailing, track & field, cross country, running clubs, team swimming, volleyball, dance class, fencing, field hockey and non-contact lacrosse. Under Phase III, Step I these sports / activities will be allowed competitive practices; intra-team / group games; contact drills and scrimmages.  They will also be allowed inter-team games, meets, races. etc.  They will not be allowed to have tournaments.

High Risk:  Football, wrestling, soccer (moved to moderate risk 7/24/20), rugby, basketball, lacrosse, ice-hockey, competitive cheer, martial arts and ultimate frisbee. Under Phase III, Step I these sports / activities will be allowed individual or socially distanced group activities. This includes no-contact workouts, aerobic conditioning, individual skill work and drills.  They will not be allowed competitive practices, intra-team group games, contact drills or scrimmages. Additionally they will not be allowed competitions such as inter-team games, meets or races.

*  Group size is limited with programs required to separate participants into maximum size groups.
*  Spectators shall be limited and MUST wear a face covering at all times.
*  Social distancing, hygiene and disinfecting protocols must be followed.

*  Face Coverings Required: Masks worn when social distancing cannot be maintained in accordance with COVID-19 Executive Order No. 31

*  Persons using playgrounds must maintain 6 feet from all other persons

*  Parents, guardians and other adults supervising children should monitor children at all times to ensure children maintain proper distancing and adhere to requirements for face coverings

*  Parents and guardians should seek alternate facilities if the playground is crowded such that social distancing cannot be maintained

*  Children and adults who feel sick or are recovering from an illness may not visit the playground

*  After visiting public places, users should wash their hands or use hand sanitizer 

*  Child's play only, no toys or equipment to be brought from home 

(4)  TENNIS  COURTS:  The tennis courts at the Finberg Field complex are open. We ask that you be considerate and limit play to 1.5 hours if others are waiting to get on the courts.

(5) BASKETBALL  HOOPS: Basketball hoops have been reinstalled. Due to being considered a High Risk sport there is a restriction of no games - only shooting around and skills & drills.

Updates will be posted here as warranted.

Be safe. Be healthy.
Welcome to the home page of the Attleboro Recreation Department. The Recreation Department is responsible for the following services:
  • Permitting of City Athletic Fields - Including School Fields Except for the Turf Field at A.H.S.
  • Maintenance of City Athletic Fields and Recreation Facilities Totaling Over 100 Acres
  • Operation of the Attleboro Youth Center
  • Operations and Maintenance of Three Pools
  • Rentals of the Fredric M. Bartek Recreation Center
  • Year Round Service Delivery of Recreational Programs

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