Complexes With 9 or More Units

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Special Waste

Special material can be dropped off on the first Saturday of the month from April through November at the Department of Public Works Yard entrance on Olive Street. The following fees will be collected on site:
  • Anti-freeze: $0.25 per gallon
  • Fluorescent bulbs: $0.10 per foot
  • Oil: $0.25 per gallon
  • Oil Filter: $0.25 per filter
  • Paint: $1 per gallon
  • Propane tanks: $3 per tank
  • Tires: $1.50 per tire

Hazardous Waste

A fee of $2.50 per pound will be charged for household hazardous waste material collected during the annual Household Hazardous Waste Day. The fee for the disposal of such material will be collected on site.

Compost Center

A fee of $5 per year will be charged for the purchase of a vehicle sticker. The sticker can be purchased at the Health Department.

White Metal, CRT's & Bulk Waste

White metal, CRT's and bulk waste will be collected at the curb by appointment only. Payment per item must be made at the Health Department prior to being collected. The costs of items include:
  • Appliance: $10
  • Computer: $10
  • Couch: $10
  • Mattress: $10
  • Television: $10