Election Information

Running for Office

Requirements for Running in a Local Election

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a registered voter in Attleboro

Requirements to Run for State & Federal Offices

  • You must be a registered voter
  • You must meet any age or residency requirements for the office

City Charters

City Charter Section 2-05 Prohibitions

Holding other office - no member of the Municipal Council shall hold any other office or position in or under the city government or, except as provided in section 2-02 have the expenditure of any money appropriated by the municipal council, or act as counsel in any matter before any municipal agency.

City Charter Section 4-04 Prohibitions

No school committeeman shall, while a member of the school committee; hold any compensated office or position in or under the city government.

Campaign Finance

All Candidates are required to comply with Massachusetts campaign finance laws. Information on filing campaign finance reports will be given to candidates when they take out their nomination papers. For additional information on running for state and federal offices, visit the State of Massachusetts website and access information from the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Signature Requirements for Running for Office

Position Number of Signatures
Mayor 200
City Clerk
City Collector
City Treasurer
Councilor at Large
Ward Councilor
School Committee at Large
Ward School Committee