Youth Comission Facts

Interesting Facts

  • Active Youth Commissioners may record the hours they spend working together on its projects as credit toward community service hours and may have their papers certified by its adult mentors.
  • Currently, the Youth Commission is comprised of about 20 youth members and two adult mentors: former City Council President Barry LaCasse and City Councilor Brian Kirby.
  • To contact the Youth Commission, or if you are interested in becoming an adult mentor, Barry LaCasse can be reached at 508-223-2222, ext. 3234 or the City Council at ext. 3181.
  • The Youth Commission likes to help local organizations by fundraising or donating their time in a City project.

Youth Commission Time Commitment / Schedule

  • The Commission meets twice a month at Attleboro City Hall on alternating Wednesdays and Thursdays, but will meet as frequently as required to perform its duties.
  • Members of the Attleboro Youth Commission will not be entitled to compensation for their service on the Commission
  • Members will be appointed for a one-year term beginning in November.