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Newton Mann (1770-1860)

Industrialist who opened the first cotton factory in New York and ran an Underground Railroad safe house, helping runaway slaves escape to Canada


David Cobb (1748-1830)

Continental Army general, speaker of Massachusetts House of Representatives, U.S. congressman and
eighth lieutenant governor of Massachusetts.

David Daggett (1764-1851)

U.S. senator, associate justice of Connecticut Supreme Court, mayor of New Haven and a founder of Yale University Law School.

John Daggett (1793-1874)

Machinist and salesman who became fifth man to serve as mayor of St. Louis, Missouri.

Horace Capron (1804-1885)

Commander of 14th Illinois Cavalry during the Civil War, U.S. agriculture commissioner under presidents Johnson and Grant, and agricultural advisor to Japan.

Bazaleel Mann (1724-1796)

Eminent physician, prominent Revolutionary War patriot and Attleboro superior court judge.

Virgil Maxcy (1785-1844)

Prominent politician in Maryland, serving in the state's House of Delegates and Senate, and later as charge d'affaires at the U.S. embassy in Belgium.

Robert Weygand (1948- )

Two-term U.S. congressman from Rhode Island.