Formal Session Meeting Agenda

The formal session meeting follows this agenda:
  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Approval of the Minutes From Previous Meetings
  3. Joint Public Hearings With the Planning Board
  4. Public Hearings
  5. Communication From Mayor (Read by the City Clerk)
  6. Other Communications (Read by the City Clerk)
  7. Committee of the Whole (Time When You, the Public, May Speak on Any Matter Pertaining to City Business)
  8. Recess
  9. Committee Reports
  10. Old Business
  11. New Business
  12. Adjournment
Our procedures allow for two opportunities for direct public input: public hearings on specific issues and what is referred to as "committee of the whole" where concerns regarding general city business can be raised.

Contacting Council Members

Council members are always available by phone to discuss matters of interest. You may also call the Council Office at 508-223-2222, ext. 3181 and leave a message with the Administrative Assistant. You can reach the Administrative Assistant to the Council at 508-223-2222, ext. 3181 or by email. Councilors contact the office on a regular basis.