Council on Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Jeffrey Bratberg, Chair
  • Andrew Wayland
  • Sue Harvey, Secretary
  • Ron Struminski, Spokesperson
  • Deb Ebert
  • Eileen Struminski
  • Officer Joseph Daday
  • Sheri Miller-Bedau
  • Eleanor Parentau
  • Greg Withers
  • Joan Lesperance
  • Rachel Legend, Fuller Hospital


To encourage a significant reduction in alcohol and drug/substance abuse and/or misuse and their behavioral, health

and social consequences for the citizens of Attleboro.

To foster an environment among community members, city government, law enforcement, educational system and

families that is supportive and informative to those coping with Substance Use Disorders.

The Council will do this by advising the Mayor regarding the delivery of effective and coordinated alcohol and

drug/substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery services throughout the City, surrounding communities

and the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our Vision:

Our vision is that all citizens of Attleboro have their needs identified and met by having access to appropriate resources

for Alcohol and drug/substance use disorder treatment and recovery services, as well as educational, recreational,

mentoring and other activities, events and programs that will reduce and/or prevent the misuse of substances and

alcohol thereby creating community cohesion and a common goal. Attleboro citizens will benefit from sustained and

enhanced collaborations between and among varying city agencies, councils, etc. and surrounding communities.

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